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  • Expertise: We bring extensive, ever-evolving knowledge of technical architecture and strategic thinking to every project we touch.
  • Ease: We’re a full-stack team with batteries included. That includes everything from project management and design to server deployment.
  • Flexibility: We understand the changing demands of a project, and we can scale your team up or down at a moment's notice.
  • Care: We're all about the details, and we're 100% committed to building reliable products, both inside and out.
AI Projects
Monadical's octopus mascot with figures.
Monadical's octopus mascot with figures. Monadical's octopus mascot with figures.
A screenshot of Minecraft Skin Generator main page.
Minecraft Skin Generator
An app that creates original Minecraft skins

Monadical’s Minecraft Skin Generator spins up original skins using text prompts fed into a fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model. Trained using composite images that combine the skin itself with a 3D rendering of that same skin, it taps into the backend of Morpheus Monadical’s AI art generator, and maps different parts of the 3D renderings to their specific locations in the skin file. Available in both free and subscription-based plans.

Stable Diffusion, Generative AI, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, FastAPI, Minecraft.
A secure transcription and summarization pipeline

Reflector transforms your audio into knowledge on your own infrastructure - keeping your data private, secure, and organized. Two custom deployments are available: Reflector Media for instant meeting minutes and topic summaries, and Projector Reflector for live on-screen capture of key points, translations, and agenda comparison for conferences. Reflector integrates smoothly with your custom tools.

React NextJS, Tailwind CSS, OpenAPI, SQLite, Alembic, FIEF, Sentry, Prometheus, Grafana, Websockets, WebRTC, Modal, Facebook m2m100_418, vicuna-13b-v1.5, Whisper Large-V2.
A screenshot of Reflector main page.
A screenshot of Morpheus page.
Our own open-source, self-hosted AI art generator

A BYOM (“Bring Your Own Model”) generative WebUI, built with Python, JavaScript, a NextJs/React frontend and a FastAPI backend. Use one of the built-in models or upload your own Stable Diffusion model to generate and modify images. PostgreSQL stores and manages data and AWS S3 holds images and models, while Ray handles the GPU, runs the models, and generates the art. AWS EKS (Kubernetes cluster) deploys everything online and scales up/down as needed. Switch between cloud providers or platforms easily.

Python, FastAPI, Node.js, Next.js, TypeScript, Ray, Celery, Stable Diffusion, Transformers, Torch, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Helm, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, S3.
Web Dev & Blockchain Projects
Monadical's octopus mascot with figures.
Monadical's octopus mascot with figures. Monadical's octopus mascot with figures.
An example of ZoHuddle's video-conferencing feature, showcasing a man in business-casual attire giving a presentation to four attendees.
Rank-matching conference application

A video conferencing application where participants create profiles and rank one another based on mutual interests. Implemented with Django in the backend, integrating the Twilio video conferencing API, and a React frontend. Websocket communication via django channels.

Full-stack web development, react, django, webrtc, websockets, devops
The fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto.

Solana is a fast, secure, and censorship-resistant blockchain providing the open infrastructure required for global adoption. Work includes frontend for Swap protocol, lending protocol and NFT marketplace (Metaplex)

solana web3, metaplex, rust, python, nextjs, devops, gemfarm
A screenshot Solana page
A screenshot OpenSea page
The world's first and largest NFT marketplace

OpenSea integrated the Solana NFTs into their platform. We helped build and design the ETL infrastructure code to ingest the NFTs, watch for updates, the testing infrastructure and interaction with the different onchain programs(contracts)

solana web3, rust, python, nextjs, devops
Music streaming and federated royalty distribution platform

A novel music distribution platform placing the emphasis on playlist curation, seeking to disrupt the music industry with a federating monetization model in which users sponsor curators who distribute funds among artists they choose.

NodeJS backend, React MobX (javascript) frontend, social media, payments, audio streaming
A partial screenshot from currents.fm homepage focused on the title and subtitle, which read ‘Currents is a playlist platform that directly supports the music community. Get a personal space to publish music lists to fans and subscribers via web and email. Keep it free or accept tips from subscribers to directly support your work.’
A screenshot showing a patient profile filled with test data being updated in Syncroplicity.
Medical data sync and BI platform

An API-agnostic medical record syncing platform, designed to eliminate double entry by linking EHRs, doctors, authorization departments, insurance companies, etc.

Data engineering, data hygiene, Django (python) backend, React Redux(javascript) frontend, API integration, HIPAA compliant, security
Drag-and-drop data analysis platform for neuroscience

An open-source scientific tool that uses cloud resources to run powerful modern data analyses. NeuroCAAS packages these analyses into portable blueprints, which can then be deployed to analyze data on demand and automatically. Analyzing data with NeuroCAAS does not require any hardware purchases, installation, or dependency management.

Django, python, bash, devops
A diagram that outlines the user and NeuroCAAS workflows, and their interactions with one another. Having logged into the NeuroCAAS website, a user can select an algorithm, review or modify parameters, and choose or upload datasets. NeuroCAAS then loads the blueprints, allowing for on-demand deployment. NeuroCASS analyses the user-provided data sets in an immutable environment and allows for instant infrastructure scaling. The user is provided with live job status logging and automatic result delivery.
A hand of poker being played on OddSlingers. There are 3 players, Nanonapoleon, Rom Jeremy, and DLL cool J. The flop shows king of diamonds, jack of hearts, three of spades. There is $24 in the pot. The dealer button is on Nanonapoleon. Rom Jeremy just checked, DLL cool J is next to act.
OddSlingers Poker
Modern, performant in-browser online poker platform

A modern take on the aging online poker platform offering new game variants and ad-free online games for desktop and mobile. Leverages bleeding edge technology including a custom library that handles functional reactive front-end animations, an in-house system for time travel debugging and introspection, and MOVE-like architecture

MOVE architecture, event-stream architecture, time-travel debugging, pure-functional code, functional reactive animations, Django (python), backend, React (javascript) frontend, mobile, security
Resero Analytics
Toxicology study analysis and reporting platform

A statistical colletion, analysis, and reporting toolkit for large-scale toxicology studies.

Data science, data engineering, Pandas, data hygiene, Django (python) backend
A screenshot of the Resero Analytics homepage. The featured text reads ‘Resero increases the quality and speed of toxicology data interpretation and reporting. Unlock your data. Resero Analytics — data, analytics, reporting.’ The text is followed by a prominent Contact Us button
A 3D visualization of the paths of an array of electrodes moving through the subject's brain towards the hippocampus
Neurodata Without Borders
Data standard for neurophysiology

NWB provides neuroscientists with a common standard to share, archive, use, and build analysis tools for neurophysiology data. This project involved extending the Alyx database for primate-based neuroscience research.

Python, Jupyter Notebook, Apache Superset
NFT launches
Open Source Work
Monadical's octopus mascot typing in a laptop. Monadical cloud
Monadical cloud Background cube left
A screenshot of a snippet of Redux Time’s documentation. The image representing the project shows the stages of a jump animation using a posed stick person on a height-over-time graph.
Real-time state syncronization and animations
Django and Python packages released on PyPI
The Python Package Index page for mesh-networking 0.06. The project description reads ‘This library helps you test large networks of nodes across physical and simulated links.
A screenshot of the ArchiveBox homepage. The featured text reads ‘ARCHIVEBOX — Open source, self-hosted web archiving. Takes URLs, browser history, bookmarks, Pocket, Pinboard, etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more.’
Archiving and digital preservation
Screenshot of the project documentation that highlights the ability to visualize and explore data, or manage and administer the elastic stack.
Devops deployment templates and utilities
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