AI Consulting

We solve the toughest human and business problems with customized, cutting-edge AI systems.


AI Strategy

Machine Learning. Semantic Search. Large Language Models. These aren't just buzzwords. This is the new frontier of AI, and enterprises both large and small are implementing these technologies today to drive down cost and increase productivity. We'll guide you through the journey of AI adoption and separate the wheat from the chaff, only recommending solutions that fit your needs. After assessing your business's challenges and pain points, our team of experts will create a game plan to help you build out processes that work for you.

Large Language Models

Our team of experts will help you implement LLMs into your daily workflow. Whether it's client-facing chatbots, real time transcription and translation of speech, or the implementation of semantic search across your organization, we have the experience and technical know-how to build out LLM tools that increase your employee productivity and simplify your end user's experience.

Machine Learning

Advanced demand forecasting and supply chain management is no longer limited to just large enterprises. Our team of ML experts can turn your data into real life predictions that will save your organization time and money. We combine your domain knowledge with our technical expertise and the latest research in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to recognize patterns and connections in your data that were previously undetectable. Together, we pinpoint and deploy the best ML models to solve your organization's challenges.

Computer Vision

We build and deploy next-generation computer vision models that analyze images and extract powerful insights that are then integrated into a larger pipeline or system. This can mean anything from detecting defects in a manufacturing setting, to using infrared cameras for disease detection in livestock. We design these custom computer vision systems to suit your needs, resulting in higher yields, lower losses and increased productivity.

Data Science

Our data science experts help you extract the maximum value from your data. Employing a suite of advanced Data Analytics and ML tools, we sift through and analyze large amounts of both structured and unstructured data. We discover patterns, extract valuable insights, and generate accurate, meaningful predictions. We can also help you prepare your data for AI integration, ensuring its quality, security, and scalability.

Generative AI with Diffusion Models

Our generative AI experts will help you add image-generation capabilities directly into your user experience. We can help you set up, customize and deploy fine tuned or white-label Diffusion models into your product or service, allowing your customers to dream and explore to their heart's content.

AI Projects

We're proud of our diverse portfolio of AI projects across various domains and industries. We have partnered with clients from agriculture to finance, and from health to manufacturing and retail, assisting them in achieving their goals with AI. Check out some of our past AI projects in our portfolio.