Over the last 3 years, Monadical has launched and scaled multiple projects
to thousands of users within months of launch.

Our largest release (OddSlingers) has had over 5 million hands played by users in 100+ countries.
You might have seen some of our work on the front page of HackerNews, ProductHunt, or elsewhere online!

5+ million hands played
Users in 100+ countries
6k+ Github Stars

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Major Projects by Monadical

Novel library for fast, declarative animations in JavaScript.

Define animations declaratively, trigger them using pure redux actions. It supports complex interactive animations, time-reversal, CSS animations, and can plug into any pure render layer like React, Inferno, or Three.js.

Free, real-time, Django + React powered online poker platform.

Real-time gaming platform powered by HTML5 + React/Redux and Django Channels WebSockets works on desktop, mobile, and tablets without downloads or plugins. Built, launched, and scaled over 3 years, with 6 full-time people and >50k LOC.

Active users in 100+ countries
5+ million hands played to date

Self-hosted internet archive powered by Chrome headless and wget.

Imports links from browser history / bookmarks / text lists, and outputs archived HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more. Automatically import and snapshot browsing history, bookmarks, or other feeds in formats that will last 50+ years.

Other Open-Source Projects by Monadical

We've released a variety of open source tools and libraries over the years.


Server time synchronization & speed control

Github   Docs


Socket message router for django-channels

Github   Examples


Custom blockchain implementation in Rust & Python



Algorithic trading toolkit for Gemini & Bitfinex

Github   Docs   Example


A neural network vizualizer & playground

Github   Demo


Layer 2 mesh network protocol testing framework

Github   PyPi   Examples


A macOS menubar app that alerts you of security and auth events

Github   Website


The Unofficial Documentation for the WireGuard VPN


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We pride ourselves on being generalists who love to learn.

Our team has worked with a wide range of stacks and industries.

Python HTML/JS/CSS Rust C++ Bash Solidity
react     redux     vue     angular     django     django-channels     flask     tornado     parity
online gaming     real-estate     data science     internet archiving     healthcare     agtech     non-profit

And many more...
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