We love working on diverse, often highly technical projects that make our world better, more efficient, or friendlier.

Node/Python binding library refactoring and implementation work

Kiwix lets you access free knowledge - even offline. You can store Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, TED Talks or any website on your mobile phone or computer. Kiwix makes knowledge available to people with no or limited internet access. The software as well as the content is free to use for anyone.

Python, *C++, *Cython


A modern take on the aging online poker platform: new game variants, ad-free online games for desktop & mobile using React animations and django-channels websockets.

Python, React, Move


An API-agnostic medical record syncing platform, designed to eliminate double-entry by linking EHRs, doctors, authorization departments, insurance companies, etc.

Python, Django, JavaScript

Push Forward Realty

Push Forward is a realty based in Brooklyn, NYC that reboots the traditional Broker-Realtor structure of traditional realties with an Agent-run cooperative instead.

Django, React

Neurodata Without Borders

We partnered with NWB to extend the alyx project. For primate-based neuroscience research.
We built an interface for reading, writing, and exploring data, including custom data visualizations and integration with Apache Superset.

Python, Jupyter Nootebooks


A novel music distribution platform placing the emphasis on playlist curation, seeking to disrupt the music industry with a federating monetization model in which users sponsor curators, who distribute funds among artists they choose.

Javascript, React

We love open source!

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Product Hunt

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Novel library for fast, declarative animations in JavaScript.

Define animations declaratively, trigger them using pure redux actions. It supports complex interactive animations, time-reversal, CSS animations, and can plug into any pure render layer like React, Inferno, or Three.js.

Free real-time, Django + React powered online poker platform.

Real-time gaming platform powered by HTML5 + React/Redux and Django Channels WebSockets works on desktop, mobile, and tablets without downloads or plugins. Built, launched, and scaled over 3 years, with 6 full-time people and > 50k LOC.

Self-hosted internet archive powered by Chrome headless and wget.

Import links from browser history / bookmarks / text lists, and outputs archived HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more. Automatically import and snapshot browsing history, bookmarks, or other feeds in formats that will last 50+ years.

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