We're a fully remote development and ops team working from Montréal, Cali, Medellín, and NYC.

We value curiosity, transparency, and work-life balance, among other core principles.

We've spent the past 3 years building projects together, including:

a real-time gaming platform that's had millions of hands played by over 2,800 users in the past year,
an open source self-hosted internet archiving solution with close 5k+ stars on Github,
and a variety of other custom projects and open-source tools...

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We operate primarily in English, but you can also contact us in Spanish, French, Chinese, or German.

Max McCrea
🇨🇦 Senior Dev / Co-Founder
Expert data scientist, ex-pro poker player,
senior full-stack engineer,
undefeated Monadical grillmaster.

Nick Sweeting
🇨🇦 Senior Dev / Co-Founder
Serial entrepeneur, internet archivist,
senior full-stack engineer,
public transit & bicycle fanatic.

Ana Gonzales
🇨🇴 COO
Computational linguistics specialist,
ops & hiring expert,
travel & language-learning afficianado.

Juan Diego Garcia
🇨🇴 Senior Dev / PM
Principled product manager,
senior full-stack engineer,
expert motocross rider.

Jose Benitez
🇨🇴 Developer
Fast-moving UI & UX wizard,
full-stack engineer,
serious quadcopter lover.

Henry Polindara
🇨🇴 Junior Dev
Jack-of-all-trades python & JS expert,
full-stack engineer,
relentless learner.

Tess McCrea
🇨🇦 COO
Master of logistics and operations
team manager and HR magician,
biosciences enthusiast and mental health expert.

Carolina Guzmán
🇨🇴 Developer
Jack-of-all-trades python & JS expert,
full-stack engineer,
polylinguist and rapid ramper-up.

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Just shoot us an email at [email protected] if you want to say hi!

Interested in working for Monadical?   We'd love to have you join us.

We're hiring primarily in Colombia, but we're open to senior people with remote experience working from anywhere.

We're also always intrested in talking to people in our industries, whether or not they're interested in applying for one of our open positions.

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We're always hiring!

Currently open remote positions:

  • Full-Stack Engineers (Python & JS)
  • Senior Full-Stack Engineers
  • Junior Engineers (Python & JS)
  • DevOps + Full-Stack Engineers

  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Sales / Client Relations Manager
We offer competitive salaries, interesting projects, flexible hours, and 31+ days of paid vacation!

We fly new hires to Cali or Medellín for onboarding.
After that, everyone works remotely with occasional on-site reunions in Colombia, Montréal, or NYC.

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