Who we are

We're a fully remote software development and ops team working from
Montréal, California, Medellín, and NYC.

We value curiosity, transparency, and work-life balance, among other core principles .

We've spent the past 6 years building projects together and growing as a team.
Our projects have been praised by the NYTimes, Forbes, HackerNews, ProductHunt, and more. Our apps have accumulated over 2M+ downloads, with millions of web users across 120+ countries.

We operate primarily in English, but you can also contact us in French or Spanish.

Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on being generalists who love to learn.

Full-Stack Dev / Co-Founder 🇨🇦

Max McCrea

Project Management, Product Management, Hiring, Team Building, System Architecture, UX Design

Expert data scientist, ex-pro poker player, full-stack engineer, founder, aspiring to be Monadical's chef.

Survival skills: Home farming

Favorite gadget: Homemade compost barrel

Full-Stack Dev / Co-Founder 🇨🇦

Nick Sweeting

Product Management, Devops, Distributed Systems, UI/UX

Mesh networker, internet archiving hobbyist, full-stack engineer, founder, public transit & bicycle fanatic.

Survival skills: ADV Motorbiking, camping, mountaineering

Favorite gadget: HackRF

Information Systems Manager 🇨🇦

Ana González

Problem solving, Decision making, Hiring, Team Building, Process improvement, Strategy formulation

Computational linguistics specialist, head of Colombian operations and hiring, travel & language-learning aficionada.

Survival skills: Creative cooking

Favorite gadget: Chemex

Full-Stack Dev / PM 🇨🇴

Juan Diego García

Mentorship, Project Management

Principal product manager, full-stack engineer, expert motocross rider.

Survival skills:

Favorite gadget:

Full-Stack Dev / PM 🇨🇴

Milton Lenis

Mentorship, Project Management

Engineering Manager, full-stack engineer, mechanical keyboards addict, gamer

Survival skills: grilling

Favorite gadget: Bare

Full-Stack Dev 🇨🇴

Jose Benitez

Electronics, Drone builder/flyer, Drummer

Fast-moving UI & UX wizard, full-stack product engineer, serious quadcopter lover.

Survival skills: Music

Favorite gadget: Drums and a Swiss Army knife

COO 🇨🇦

Tess McCrea

Head of Canadian operations, logistics, accounting/bookkeeping, grant writing, etc.

Master of getting stuff done. Enthusiast of video production, vociferous debate, Psychology and film.

Survival skills: Skepticism and an appreciation for the absurd.

Favorite gadget: Curiosity Mars Rover

Full-Stack Dev / PM 🇨🇴

Juan Diego Caballero

Datascience, Scraping, Infosec researcher

Practiced data scientist and startup founder, full-stack engineer / PM physicist, engineer, infosec researcher.

Survival skills: Cat modeling

Favorite gadget: Ergonomic keyboard

Full-Stack Dev / PM 🇨🇴

Juan David Arias

Full-stack developer, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Machine Learning

Software engineer. Video games, nature and adventure lover.

Survival skills: Farming and walking

Favorite gadget: Video beam

Full-Stack Dev 🇨🇴

Alejandro Sánchez Yalí

Programming, Mathematical problem-solving, Teaching mathematics and data science

Full-stack developer, mathematician and mountain biking lover.

Survival skills: Climbing mountains

Favorite gadget: Nintendo Switch Lite

Full-Stack Dev 🇨🇴

Cesar Alfredo Uribe León

DevOps, physics, data science

Full-stack developer / DevOps. Movies, video games and EDM lover. Motorcycling enthusiast.

Survival skills: Music, EDM, coffee

Favorite gadget: ToolBoox

Full-Stack Dev 🇨🇴

Daniel López

Backend Developer & Python Lover

Full-stack engineer. Coffee, meat and wine lover. Gamer and casual traveler.

Survival skills: Cooking, camping and sleeping

Favorite gadget: Coffee maker

Full-Stack Dev 🇨🇴

Kevin Guevara

Full stack developer

JS and dance lover

Survival skills: Bleach my hair every week

Favorite gadget: Secondary screen

Full-Stack Dev 🇵🇱

Michał Flak

Programming, Cloud

Back-end developer with experience in DevOps / infrastructure. Motorcycle traveller

Survival skills: Napping, Physiological Sigh

Favorite gadget: Duolever

Full-Stack Dev / PM 🇨🇦

David Kaufman

Video Game Dev, Unity, Unreal

Making games, performing improv comedy, interest in VR/XR

Survival skills: Podcasts

Favorite gadget: Guitar

Full-Stack Dev 🇨🇦

Sujan Mishra

C#,.NET, Unity, AR, VR, MR, Maya, various editing and VFX software

From editing and visual effects for movies and television, to designing/developing games and applications, I have acquired the super power of combining a multitude of disciplines to find a viable solution for any challenge

Survival skills: Gardening, cooking, building / handyman

Favorite gadget: OpenCV AI Kit -lite

Full-Stack Dev 🇨🇴

Kevin Cardona

Programming, Python Lover

Full-stack engineer. Motorcycle traveller. Soccer player.

Survival skills: Boxing and camping

Favorite gadget: Helmet intercom

Full-Stack Dev 🇳🇬

Joyce Obi

Client-server development, databases and playing around with websocket

Full-stack developer, love to read biographies and the history of everyday things

Survival skills: Taking long walks

Favorite gadget: The PC

Full-Stack Dev 🇹🇭

Igor Loskutov


Full-stack developer, FP enthusiast, cat dad

Survival skills: Storytelling, dungeon mastering

Favorite gadget: A Tarot deck

English Language Coach / Blog Editor 🇨🇦

Jenalee Prentice

English Teacher, Blog Editor, Ghostwriter, Social Events Planner

Expert in foreign language acquisition, ghostwriter, nature lover, and aspiring polyglot.

Survival skills: Athleticism

Favorite gadget: Beats Pill

Full-Stack Dev 🇷🇺

Sergey Mankovsky

Programming, UI design, DevOps

Full-stack engineer, music learner

Survival skills: Playing music

Favorite gadget: Electric guitar

Unity Game Dev 🇨🇦

Kan Chen

C#, Unity, Reverse Engineering, IDA Pro, OllyDbg

Enjoying making games and applications in Unity. Game lover. Metaverse fan

Survival skills: Cooking, Electrician

Favorite gadget: PS5

Unity Game Dev 🇮🇳

Akshay Goel

Unity, C#, Game Design

Game developer with a passion for design, loves live music and comedy, board games enthusiast.

Survival skills: Trekking, Writing

Favorite gadget: Smartphone

Business Development Manager 🇺🇸

Adam Siemiginowski

Business Transformation, Product Management, User-Centered Design

Process-Driven Professional + Business-Builder. Deep expertise in Manufacturing+SMB Transformation and Automation.

Survival skills: build a house / workshop 🏡

Favorite gadget: Apple Watch GPS+Cellular

Colombian Operations / Hiring Assistant 🇨🇴

Dignory H. Carmona Luna

Process Analysis, Hiring, Accountability

Industrial Engineer, Colombian operations and hiring assistant, <balance & learning> freak.

Survival skills: coffee making

Favorite gadget: my yoga mat

Operations / Hiring Assistant 🇨🇴

Sebastian Gonzalez

Psychologist, Project Management

Project Management, Taekwondo teacher and Guest houses adventurer

Survival skills: Spatial Intelligence

Favorite gadget: Power plug adapter

Devops 🇨🇴

Angel Rey

Devops & Cloud engineer

CI/CD architect, Sysops and Backend developer. Technology management consultant. Boxing, MMA and BJJ enthusiast.

Survival skills: Boxing

Favorite gadget: Abacus and boxing wraps

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