Monadical is a full-stack development consultancy.

est. 2016. Medellin, Montreal, NYC.

Our fully-remote team of 6 does everything from online game development
and advanced web animation, to internet archiving, smart contracts, mesh networking, and more...

Product Management

  • Monadical can work as an self-directed unit, planning
  • and executing on development, or we can integrate into
  • an existing team as supporting engineers.

Full-Stack Development

  • With over 26 years of cumulative product development
  • experience on the team, we can build, launch, and
  • scale complex web apps across multiple markets.

Ops, Data Science, Security

  • We go beyond app building and provide full solutions,
  • including ops setup, data science, and lifecycle duties
  • like refactoring, bug bounty, and security review.
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We specialize in full-stack Python and JS web development.

But we're comfortable learning and working with a wide range of tech stacks and project requirements.

Check out the projects page for a list of things we've worked on.

    Here are some of the things we care about.   

Hiring curious people, communicating effectively & transparently,
practicing good design, open-sourcing as much as possible, and keeping information accessible.

To learn more about our culture, read our blog posts or check out some of the projects by our team.

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Invoices are payable with no transfer fees anywhere within the USA, Colombia, and Canada.

Why wait months to hire and train a whole team yourself,
when Monadical's team could be starting work on your project tomorrow?

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