Creating software that works.

We’re a small startup based in Medellin, working on shaking up the Esports industry, saving the internet, and keeping users secure.

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Our Values &

Work Environment

We value level-headedness, good design, pragmatism, and curiosity.  We encourage challenging authority and asking questions!

We also value diversity–both diversity of background and cultures, and diversity of ideas. We strongly believe in the value of open, friendly exchange of opinions. No question is ever a bad one!

We work out of a beautiful coworking/coliving space in Medellin, Colombia, with access to gigabit internet, delicious food, plenty of sunlight, and a gym a block away!

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Max (@cowpig)

Max was a professional poker player for several years before leaving that world to pursue his passion for machine learning and neural networks. A true polymath, Max is a chef, rock climber, mathematician, and expert chess player.

Nick (@pirate)

Nick has co-founded several startups and worked at a variety of fast-paced companies from the medical industry to aviation & agriculture.  A seasoned full-stack engineer, he has experience building large codebases and a passion for good devops.  Nick is an adventurer at heart and enjoys bicycling, motorcycle touring, and macOS hacking.

Monadical was conceived in Bogotá, Colombia, started in Montréal, Canada, and moved to Medellin, Colombia this year.
We are privately funded.  Est. 2016.

Our Tech

We develop primarily web-based software, and we do the whole stack including ops, backend, and frontend.  We chose Python3 & ES6 (although we’re waiting patiently for WebAssembly).

If you’re junior, we’d rather you be familiar with our stack when you join.  If you’re senior we expect you to be able to learn quickly, so knowing our particular stack matters less.

We like to move fast without breaking things, because money is on the line.


Join Us

We’re hiring for several positions in Medellin, Colombia right now:

  • Senior Operations Officer
    Marketing, Logistics, and Hiring
  • Graphic & Web Designer
    Front-End UI, UX, and asset creation
  • Junior Full-Stack Engineer
    Rapid feature prototyping and implementation
  • Full-Stack Engineer
    Design, feature prototyping, and development
  • Senior Full-Stack Engineer
    Architecture, design, and development

We offer competitive salaries and perks, contact us to learn more.

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